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About Reva


Reva’s professional accomplishments are significant and this brings a depth to her private practice. For example, Reva created and directed an intensive out patient and substance abuse program. As a result of this work Reva has a complete understanding of how alcohol and drugs can effect an entire family system. In addition, Reva created a program for female trauma survivors. She fully understands the impact and implications of being an adult survivor of sexual or physical abuse. Reva has also worked for Planned Parenthood as a sex educator and taught High School and College level sex education. Reva’s depth of experience combined with her excellent clinical skills allow her to compassionately treat a variety of problems.

Reva completed her Masters in Clinical Social Work at Smith College School for Social Work.  She has completed a post-Masters certificate program in substance abuse treatment.  Reva has been in private practice for over 15 years. She has worked with many adults and families dealing with various mental health and substance abuse issues. Before moving to Florida she lived in Western Massachusetts where she also owned a private practice, started partial hospitalization programs, and worked in hospital and managed care settings.  Additionally, Reva has years of experience working for employee assistance programs (EAP).

Reva has extensive experience working with the issues surrounding adoption, infertility and pregnancy loss. She works with women and families struggling with these most personal topics. Reva has always had an interest in reproductive issues and women’s health care. Before completing her graduate work in 1989, Reva worked as a counselor at an OBGYN practice. She started the first post-abortion support group in her area and was a founding member of the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts.

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